About us


 Euro Store Brasil was created to connect what is the best of Brazil and Europe

Founded in 2017 in Aalborg, Denmark Euro Store Brasil is working to build a partnership with big designers and manufactures located in Brazil and Europe. We provide our clients a trustful and fast negotiation when dealing with different cultures. We provide an entry for the product in both the European and Brazilian market and work with the process of distributing the product's brand internationally.

The founder of Euro Store Brasil, Bainca Siqueira, originates from Brazil and therefore have a profound knowledge about the Brazilian market. To supplement her knowledge about this market, she has assembled her team in Euro Store Brasil of people with a deep knowledge about the Danish and European market.

"After realizing that there is a great variety of high quality products and great prices, we decided to offer the Brazilian and European consumers the best of both continents"

Bianca Siqueira
Founder & CEO


To aggregate value for our clients which will help develop the new markets for them and thereby offer more differentiated products and services on various markets.


By being a reference in import and export of quality products and services we want to inspire both the Brazilian and European market.


Euro Store


If you have a high quality product or service and want to expend your business to the Brazilian market, talk to us. We will be happy to help you.